Essential Oils have been my JAM lately. They are so helpful for immune and emotional support, skincare, cleaning and so much more.
I get all my oils through ( not sponsored and not an MLM, ya girl just loves the company) . Art Naturals offers 100% pure essential oils for great prices and their customer service team is absolutely phenomenal!

My top go-to’s are frankincense, lavender, sweet orange, tea tree, and lemon.


Frankincense is one of my favorite oils. It is like a super oil, it has a TON of benefits for a wide variety of problems you may have.  Frankincense is a powerful antiseptic which allows it to eliminate germs and boost your immune system. Its astringent properties help reduce wrinkles , reduces scars and can stop bleeding from wounds and cuts while also speeding up the healing process . One of my favorite uses of frankincense is for emotional support, as it is a powerful stress and anxiety reliever. It also regulates estrogen production, which really helps with the PMS craziness us ladies are known to feel.

Lavender is another oil that I use for multiple things. Lavender is great for relaxation and sleep support. Its calming properties assist with lessening anxiety and depression naturally. Lavender’s antiseptic properties make it a great tool for both acne and hair loss treatments. Lavender also is a anti-inflammatory, which helps relieve joint pain and sore muscles and also helps with treating eczema.

Sweet Orange is one of my favorites to diffuse and apply topically. It gives me Disneyland California Adventure vibes, Soaring over California and “flying” through the orange groves.
Besides nostalgia, Orange essential oil has some great benefits . It calms your mood and can help fight depression, reduces inflammation, boosts your immune system, does wonders for acne, and can also be used as a mild aphrodisiac.

Tea Tree oil is a magical skincare potion for me. Mixed in with some pure aloe, Tea Tree oil zaps away acne with ease and can even help with acne scarring . Tea tree oil’s antiseptic properties make it a perfect fit to speed up the healing process on cuts, bug bites and even ingrown hairs. Mix some Tea Tree oil in with your shampoo to clarify your hair and get out all the gunk. Tea tree on your scalp will also help with dandruff!


Tea Tree Oil must always be diluted before applying. I like to mix it in with my current products, ie. shampoo or aloe, or dilute with coconut oil. 

Lemon essential oil is this girls best friend when it comes to cleaning as it is a disinfectant . Apply it directly to any gooey or greasy spot to instantly get up the gunk, or mix with white vinegar for a multi purpose cleaning solution you can use all over your house! Diffusing lemon essential oils will help improve concentration and can also repel ants and other bugs. Diffusing lemon mixed with some lavender can help with allergy season, as it clears the nasal passages and sinuses. Lastly, mixing lemon in with some rose hip oil and applying to the face will help brighten skin and kill off any acne causing bacteria.