DIY Apartment Walk-In Pantry Under $50


One of the biggest downsides to living in an apartment, for me personally, is there never seems to be enough space in the kitchen for appliances and food storage. When we decided to renew our lease another year, the time came to get crafty and find an organized way to store our groceries. I looked at a ton of standalone pantry cabinets online but to be honest, we just didn’t have the space or budget for a large closed off shelving unit. Finally it dawned on me, we really weren’t utilizing our coat closet! And so the project began… We have a pretty standard closet but this could work with any size, measuring for your shelves are going to be the key . When looking at shelving, we knew we wanted a unit that stood on its own, so that we didn’t damage the walls in the apartment closet. But can we just talk about how pricey a basic metal shelving unit can be at most retailers? They ranged from $40-100 per shelf set. Yikes, we were so not looking for a temporary solution project to run us $100. After a bit of research, Ikea came to the rescue! Ikea is a magical place for sure. They have anything you may need for your home at such an affordable price. (Not sponsored, I am just a big super fan of Ikea) The shelving we ended up going with was 2 HYLLIS unitsĀ and 1 VESKEN unit to perfectly fit and utilize all possible closet space. The best part is all three together only came to $45 ! What a steal! Hopefully this helps anyone else get an idea for best utilizing their space