Recently I was given the opportunity to try out Bumble Road Bath Bombs at a discounted rate in exchange for some feedback!
Let me just say, I was IMPRESSED! When I received the box from amazon, I could smell the yummy goodness inside before I even opened the box! My two favorites from the 4 pack are Really Rose and Luscious Lavender..  Really Rose smells like literal heaven. Its got an amazing rose scent with hints of a fruitiness to it, (not that grandma rose powdery scent). It has small pieces of rose pedals in it that float in the bath which makes these extra luxurious.
Luscious Lavender is great for bedtime. Researchers have found that Lavendar helps to relax you and decrease heart rate and blood pressure, which is perfect for right before your slumber. They fizz for a good 10+ minutes and they leave your skin super soft! The best part is the scent lingers on your skin for what seems like forever afterwards! ┬áMy favorite bath bombs I’ve tried so far!!
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